Dennis Tivel Sr. has actively been researching the Tivel family connections for nearly a decade. At this time, he has traced family connections through seventeen generations from our youngest family member, back to the 15th century. Truly, the work has been a labor of love.

The first goal of Tivel.org is to present the results of Dennis’ work to family connections. We want to emphasize that by “family connections” we mean all of our family connections–not just families with the Tivel surname. We will present our genealogy through our TNG site at tivel.org.

The second goal of tivel.org is to help anyone who is interested in creating his/her own genealogy. We will do this through informative  articles, tips, tutorials, and resource links at blog.tivel.org.

We encourage family connections to contact us with any information, photos, and documents that can be used to make our current genealogy more inclusive.

We invite all Tivel.org visitors to use the comment form or the “Contact Us” menu item in order to share information, ask questions, or offer suggestions.

We want to hear from family members who would like to help us at Tivel.org. There are many gaps in the genealogy that need to be filled. With each new generation, the genealogy expands to include new family connections, and these connections need to be recorded here. Family members–please help.

Note: We at tivel.org take individual privacy *very* seriously. For more information about this, see


Royce Tivel