Tips for Creating a Genealogy

You can create and manage a genealogy on your own web site or on a personal computer. We are lucky to be living in the age of the Internet. Researching a genealogy has never been easier. Moreover, there are wonderful tools for creating and managing either an online or offline genealogy.

For building and managing a genealogy offline on a PC, we highly recommend the *no cost* Personal Ancestral File (PAF) software from FamilySearch. PAF is all you need to build and manage your own personal genealogy. You can also import an existing genealogy into this software. You can take advantage of the LDS Family History Centers. These centers are staffed with volunteers who will guide you in building your genealogy. You can find a center near you through the FamilySearch web site.

For an online genealogy, we at highly recommend The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© (“TNG”). TNG can be quickly installed and has all the administrative tools needed create and manage a serious online genealogy site. TNG also includes several well thought out templates, including the one we use at Although TNG is not freeware, it is well worth its small cost—and the great support is included.

If you want to install TNG on a local PC, you might want to consider WampServer, a *no cost* software solution to installing a complete web server on your PC. I have installed WampServer on my local PC and use it to develop both WordPress and TNG. It’s a real advantage to be able to try out modifications to both WordPress and TNG—before uploading them to my online blog and genealogy sites.

Resources — Family Search for PAF software and help with your genealogy. — The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© (“TNG”). — WampServer — Although this article describes installing WampServer as a test-bed for WordPress, the installation would be very similar for TNG. — Visit this site to see a quality online TNG genealogy site.